Frequently Asked Questionsexcept that no one asked these


What is Typeyourname.com?

Typeyourname.com is simple you come here type your name (or explore other names for your future baby) and you exit.


What do I get from Typeyourname?

You get your name on the site (Value $168). It'll remain here for the rest of the internet. Forever.


Why did you create this site?

Why not? It's fun. New. And refreshing (the site keeps refreshing for new names, so it is live)


I got my name here and something downloaded after that. What's that?

That's an image. Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn't.


Who is behind this site?

Read about us.


What are you gonna do with all the money?

It's my money now. Why do you care? Anyway, I may use it for myself, put it back into this site, save some money (I promised to keep this site forever and that's not easy!), donate (upto 50%) to charities (yea, that's generous), pay almost all of it to payment processing fees, come on I have plans...


What is the deeper meaning behind this?

Umm, wait, lemme search for it on Google. I'll update this when I find one.


I don't like this. I want to sue you.

Hire our [email protected] (that email doesn't exist so no lawyer for you)


I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Oh really. Contact [email protected] (this one doesn't exist as well)