How it works

You see this is not easy, it has always been this way. We select members who can enter into our pages. We keep our service exclusive to the rich of the riches and best of the best.

The procedure:

  • Get yourself a name. Seriously.

  • Make sure it's good. If it's eborycodgygorhjio, we can't help, not unless you pay us $397.

  • Visit our website. You're on it, so treat yourself with some fire soda.

  • Type your name. Some rules below:

    1. First letter should be capital

    2. Leave a single space between your first name and last name

    3. If you plan to write only your first name (or last) skip the second point

    4. Use your real name. Only real names are allowed

    5. No numbers, asterisks, hyphens, underscores, alien characters, dark poles, comic books and other forbidden matter (this is not your Instagram username)

    6. By continuing, you agree to pay us $599 (plus taxes) as a penalty if you don't follow these rules

  • Make sure you follow the rules above. We have strict terms so.

  • When you're done, click on the submit button (yellow button that shows $ stuff) to continue.

  • Get the bad boys outta your wallet. ????

  • We complement most of our customers with free OTPs. You wish you're lucky. Or don't.

  • Now you have successfully secured a spot. It is "a spot" not "your spot". Read the last point below.

  • Only after a thorough review of your application, we'll let you through. If you pass all our rules you'll get "your spot", a total upgrade.

  • If you don't get passed, you don't get refunds! You get "sorry for the inconvenience" from us. Oh wait, you don't get that, you get nothing.

TL;DR | Just kidding | Read this

Enter your name, hit the shiny yellow button and pay, that's all you had to do. You have typed your name!

Your name or whatever you typed here will stay forever on the internet.