About Us

If you read How it works and FAQ, I recommend against reading this one. This is different.


I'm Dinakar, I started this project as a fun way of making money. Honestly, that's about it, there is no sad/heart-melting/moving story behind this to make you pay and share this with everyone. I did it for the fun of it but money was the motivation.


I had this idea at the end of 2019, somewhere in December or November. It was just me trying to do something different and I was thinking of selling paper balls, broken glasses, and other garbage that one won't usually buy. And this idea's seed came later in time as I was surfing on the good old internet. The idea was internet itself, the way I have been using it all time, like nothing I have been doing was memorable. It was mindless browsing, images and large amounts of black text.


I sat back for a second and tried to recollect something memorable from the internet. It was... plain, blank and so empty. That's when I wanted to make a memorable experience out there that one will remember for a lifetime and feel cool about. A few times I can recollect was spending money on the internet. So I thought of selling the internet itself, a digital space (as opposed to something physical, like the paper ball for example).


Now, I had the core so I had to create something outta that core idea. I thought of images, videos or even nothing. But where's the fun in that? Besides, it was the same thing I have been seeing all-time on the web. In this the idea of selling nothing stood to me, it was like "me: buying nothing" then imagine a year or two later "also me: oh I paid and got nothing that year" and literally laugh at it. That stuff is crazy rememberable and kinda fun if you think that way.


I kept thinking about the same and tried to see what strikes to us. I wanted to land on something that sticks with us, something we like, and if it is more than just nothing, it's a plus! After some time, I found the perfect candidate. Name. Name sticks with us, we like it (at least we like us) and it is more than nothing, it is us/me/you/I. For example, let me give you a pen, paper, and a few seconds to write what comes to your mind. What came to your mind? In most cases, it is you and your name (if something else came to your mind, then you crazy). Most of us write our name the first time we open a notebook or even Facebook. Name matters.


I decided to sell names. Not real names but the space for putting in your names. To align with the idea, i.e making it memorable. I decided to keep it forever on the internet. As long the internet lives, your name lives, on and on, for ages to come.


- Dinakar

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